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Hello, I’m Steve and I’m a peddler of persuasion. As a freelance copywriter & creative consultant, I help marketing teams and advertising agencies to think inventively and weaponise words.

Starting in 1996, I grew up in large ad agencies during the golden age of advertising. Back then, ideas were big and egos were bigger. My skills as a copywriter and conceptual thinker were forged in this crucible on brands like BMW & MINI, Sony PlayStation, BBC,  Barclays, Microsoft, Land Rover, Aston Martin and McLaren.

This trauma experience left me with keen creative instincts and a compulsive urge to push ideas. A mindset which – for the past 15 years – has helped me to become something of a roving creative mercenary with a kaleidoscope of clients in my imaginary rolodex. (Over 100, last time I checked).

What do I do? I have ideas, I write words and sometimes I lead the creative process. I work on teeny weenie projects and big scary projects. I work for titans like TBWA, but I also work with nimble ninjas you’ve never heard of. Whatever the client, whatever the situation, I’m adept at plugging in and I enjoy the challenge of working with focussed teams to solve interesting problems.

After 20 years, I’m still discovering. Still fascinated by the power of words to influence and thought to transform. Above all, I appreciate relationships built on trust and respect, where adventurous ideas thrive.