ulIt’s important that we are a good fit for each other. Over the years I’ve learned to identify the kind of people that I typically work very well with. I’ve found that it is for the best that the. So it’s important that we understand this before we enter into a relationship.


Typically, I work with companies who have serious, ongoing content and creative needs. In general, they are not people who need a one-off thing, such as copy written for a small website. In the main they are companies with communication challenges who need to stay in front of customers consistently and present themselves as the best solution to expensive problems.

Medium-sized companies (50 – 100 staff) with serious business-to-business needs.

These companies tend to have

Boutique design agencies, marketing strategy agencies.

These companies tend to have multiple clients and new projects every week. They need a senior creative resource from time to time, but can’t justify a full-time writer and creative director. They need a person who can slot into the team quickly and produce the required content on demand. Someone who can read briefs and get it right away. Someone who can produce the required content on demand with fewer iterations and who can go deeper and provide some higher level strategic input or creative ideas along the way.