If you have a goal in mind, your ability to persuade others to see your point of view will determine whether they work with you, buy from you, or forget about you. A message that tugs the right strings will attract the support of millions. If you have nothing to say, no amount of Instagram filters will disguise it.

In other words, your business relies on positive customer perception and the way you speak influences just about every part of this relationship. The wrong turn of phrase could be the difference between appearing cold and distant, or in-tune and dynamic. Push it too far and you could end up looking like a try-hard. Like many a Facebook relationship status – it’s complicated.

After 20 years as a copywriter for the world’s biggest brands, I’ve learned that the craft of copy is part art, part science, and part intuition. Every word needs to work hard to make an impression while expressing true value. And it must do so in a hostile environment.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, you want someone with decades of experience working with words. I’m your go-to guy.