I work with loads of small agencies, studios and design teams who like to punch above their weight. They’re usually highly creative, highly passionate people who get tons of great opportunities coming their way and they want to feel confident about accepting or challenging for them.

If you or someone in your team is considered to be an ad industry hot shot with great credentials and a string of awards, that’s great! You probably don’t need me. If you’re a small team and you feel you could get bigger things across the line with an extra brain and a new perspective on board – that’s where I can help.

I don’t work on bits and pieces like one-off emailers or a few scraps for a website. I can do that stuff, but I charge a lot more than a freelance writer and it would be an expensive way of getting it done. I don’t work at large agencies for weeks at a time either. I’m not a freelance creative. I’m a creative performance enhancer that will augment your team and your process.

I work exclusively on key projects with big payoffs attached to them. We’re talking projects that give you a “funny feeling” down there.

  • Pitching on a big new account? Call me.
  • Need a big idea for an event that’s worth a few hundred grand? I’m your man.
  • You’ve been asked to come up for a video idea that will put your client on the map? Let’s talk.